Bonnie Willison



When was the last time you borrowed a turtle from a local pet store?

Don’t worry, I gave the turtle back when I was done.

Below, you’ll find some of my most recent video projects. I often have my hands on all aspects of video production, from writing scripts, to filming and post production. Most of these videos were produced for Beloit College, where I worked on the admission marketing team, creating videos for email campaigns, social media, displays, and more. Now, I work for Wisconsin Sea Grant, producing videos about Great Lakes research and stories.


Outside the box

After a colleague stumbled upon this amazing quote from a Beloit alum, I knew I had to adapt it into a video. “Outside the Box” turned out to be a confetti cannoned, blowtorched masterpiece.

Passionate Professors

For this mini, documentary-style series, I sat down with professors who specialize in everything from Saturn to Socrates, from the African Diaspora to artificial intelligence.


The Powerhouse: A place of energy

The Powerhouse is Beloit College’s new student union and recreation center, set to open in the fall of 2019. In this animation, I took a quote from a Powerhouse project leader, and paired it with handmade visuals that bring it to life.

“Remarkable Research” series

I crafted this series to showcase collaborative research done by professors and students in the summer of 2018. I loved talking to these scholars about their passions, and editing our conversation into three minute videos full of witty remarks and revelations.


Time to talk about turtles

The turtle has been Beloit College’s unofficial mascot for generations, and the creature lies near to the hearts of many. In this video, I surprised students by showing them a real turtle - yes, the very one I borrowed from a local pet store.

Amanda Browder'98 and the making of Power Plant Beloit

In the spring of 2018, Amanda Browder came to Beloit College as a visiting artist. I was able to talk to her about her art, as well as tell the story of her stunning fabric art installation.