Bonnie Willison

Map project

In 2018, I reimagined and redesigned the campus map for Beloit College. The new collectible map, with a poster on the back, is something that prospective students can take with them as a souvenir of their visit.

In order to put Beloit College β€œon the map” for curious high schoolers, the Visit Team wanted to move away from the simple, letter-sized map that they had always given out. The map that I designed borrows elements of design and color from vintage roadmaps.

The back of the map features a travel poster, with my original illustration of an iconic campus building. On a back panel is a "Beloit Bucket list", giving students a hint of what they'll experience if they become a Beloit College student. 

Starting in Spring 2018, more than 1000 maps have been given out to visiting prospective students, and some hang in the houses of future Beloiters.