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Podcast Production / Recording / Editing

My cohost and I spent two years crisscrossing Wisconsin, talking to all kinds of people and tapping an international cast of experts to create Introduced, a podcast series about the human decisions and invasive species that are changing our waters. From start to finish, I led my small, two-person team in the creation of this 18 episode science-storytelling podcast. See what the judges of the global CASE competition had to say about Introduced. Find Introduced on your favorite platform.

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University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

Feral goldfish. An illegal crayfish trade gone wrong.  An electric underwater fence that stuns fish in their tracks. On Introduced, we dive into stories of the aquatic invaders that are costing us millions and changing the lakes, streams, and wetlands we cherish and rely on. Join us each week as we learn how these creatures wound up here and meet the people working to protect our waters.

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Moss balls and mystery seedsIntroduced
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Crayfish crisisIntroduced
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